"Knowledge itself is power""
(sir Francis Bacon)

DATA + Elastic Stack = Information → Knowledge

Who we are at the Elastic Consulting Hungary?

Our team get to gather to implement Elastic Stack based solutions, the members of the team have participated in several projects dealing with Elastic Stack based implementation.
Our team contains the first Hungarian Elastic Certified Engineer.

What is the Elastic Stack?

The Elastic Stack is a framework provides the whole flow of data handling – starting from loading, thru the processing/analyzing and storing till the visual presentations as well as the alerting capabilities based on these data.
More detailes:

Elastic website


This is the basis of the whole Elastic Stack. Elasticsearch is responsible for storing, handling and analyzing data.


This is the presentation layer (web based graphical user interface) and management component of the Elastic Stack. This element provides the data-visualization features.


This is the full featured data loader of the Elastic Stack. This system is capable not only to load, but also transformation and enrichment of data (ETL – Enrich, Transform and Load).


The different Bets are the lightweight data shippers of the Elastic Stack. The Beats are designed to load only the given data without any additional tasks (enrichment or transformation) – pure data only.




Sooner or later in any industries where lot of data created, a need will appear to store, to process and to analyze them. Our company provide solutions related tasks from consultancy, thru the design, till the implementation of that.

Banking solution

In banking area the Elastic Stack is mainly used for monitoring, alerting and Fraud detection purposes. There is an emerging area where Elastic Stack can be utilized also – the customer behavior based marketing analysis

Manufacturing and process optimization

The automation in the manufacturing is more and more in focus nowadays. Elastic Stack based solution fits perfectly to monitor (and do the alerting) theses processes. With utilizing the Machine Learning capabilities of Elastic Stack the needs of these processes can be prognosticated.

Telecommunication area

At telecommunication industry there are huge potential with the usage of Elastic Stack based solution – similarly to the banking industry (network/system monitoring, alerting, Fraud Detection and marketing analysis). At the area of m2m a large amount of data is produced – that should be processed and analyzed, an Elastic Stack based solution can also help at this area.

Public utilities

The daily operation of the public utilities generates enormous amount of data. These large data-sets can be transformed to information with the help of an Elastic Stack based solution. Based on these data the complete monitoring/alerting can be solved, while with the help of Machine Learning feature the capacity requirements can be predicted.


Information from data

The information itself is a value. This value can be sociological, scientific, economical or even political. With proper information men can extend the existing value. While the information is value, that means it can gain extra profit. The meaningful attributes of the information are the quality, the quantity, the usability, accessibility and the protection of it.

The world of data

It is quite common in the 21th century to describe the data and analysis of it as a large business potential. The “Big Data” has changed our thinking about the data and about the life. We can transfer the data to information then to business decision much quicker and in more intelligent manner than at least 10 years ago. There were huge leaps in processing of the data in the last decade. There are nearly no activity with what we are not producing data in our everyday life. Our company is ready to help your enterprise to use the power of these data.

Data visualization

It makes visible/transparent the large data-sets.
It presents large amount of data in a small (viewable) area.
It helps to align data from different sources

Professional services

• More then 25 years of IT experiences in multinational environment from telecommunication industry to the aviation via banking.
• Full featured solution architecture consultancy.
• The first Elastic Certified Engineer in Hungary.

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